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          'H' Series Ultrasonic Bench Top Systems "H" Series Bench
          Top Systems
          Ultrasonic Brass Instrument Cleaning Systems Musical Instrument
          Cleaning Systems

          Automated Ultrasonic Systems Automated
          Ultrasonic Flow-through Reactors Ultrasonic Flow-
          through Reactors

          Custom Ultrasonic Cleaners Custom
          Direct Bond Ultrasonic Transducers Direct Bonded
          Sonic Touch II Ultrascnic Control System Sonic Touch® II
            Advanced Controls
          Used Ultrasonic Cleaners Used
          Ultrasonic Cleaner Warranty Industry Leading

          The Industry Leader That Sets The Standard For Manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

          Every ultrasonic cleaning system features heavy duty, all stainless steel construction. The solid, sturdy structure and high tech design make our ultrasonic parts washers the best in the business.  We manufacture standard systems from one to 204 gallons, designed to handle ultrasonic cleaning parts in a variety of shapes and sizes. As an industrial ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer, we also design and manufacture custom systems for unique applications and can provide components to convert or upgrade an existing tank. Whether you need a system to clean bearings or ceramics, ophthalmic precision lenses or mechanical manufacturing assemblies, we have a system that provides you with results.

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          Unparalled Warranty

          Ultrasonic Power Corporation offers an unparalleled, world class warrenty. As an ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturer and commercial ultrasonic cleaner supplier, we offer a 10 Year guarantee on Vibra-bar Bond, 5 Year guarantee on Ultrasonic Generators, 2 Year guarantee on Transducer Arrays, and 2 Year guarantee on Sheet Metal Defects and Workmanship. 

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